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Covering all business and legal disputes, our experienced general commercial litigation team has one goal: the aggressive, effective representation of our clients’ interests. We aim to provide our clients with the shortest path to resolution, as long as it does not deviate from their goals.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

We understand that commercial disputes can distract, and often derail, a business’ aims. If appropriate, our attorneys first encourage adversarial parties to avoid litigation and propose creative solutions for dispute resolution. Negotiation, mediation, and settlement are often viable options in this situation.

We appraise cases on a client-by-client basis, determining whether litigation, with its increased need for expenses and resources, is the best choice in a particular client’s’ circumstances. If it is determined that litigation is the most prudent choice, seasoned trial attorneys whose expertise is tailored to your particular dispute will advocate to secure your interests.

We pride ourselves on open communication with our clients. We believe that attorneys work best when their clients are well-informed, active participants in the dispute resolution process. In addition, business is an ever-changing world and your goals may change to meet exigencies in the process of litigation. Our attorneys creatively assess all available solutions.

Experienced Business Litigation Attorneys

Our team has experience securing our clients’ interests in every legal forum:

  • Federal and state trial courts

  • Federal and state appellate courts

  • Regulatory and administrative agencies

With a keen understanding of numerous industries, our trial attorneys have ensured our clients’ goals are exceeded throughout a broad range of litigation types:

  • Shareholder disputes

  • White collar criminal litigation

  • Resource Damages

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