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Tax is a complex issue, with many legal ramifications. Whether you are an individual or represent a corporation, partnership or an LLC, you probably have tax-related questions. A skilled tax attorney, backed by decades of tax-related legal experience, is your best option for finding creative solutions to the complicated problems resulting from taxation.

The attorneys at HLF Lawyers offer comprehensive legal counsel to businesses, corporations, sole proprietorships, and individuals for all facets of federal, state, and local taxation. Taking a comprehensive approach to tax law, our lawyers will guide you through all the individual or business-entity tax issues with targeted advice, ensuring maximum returns and optimal risk avoidance.

Tax Planning Attorneys

HLF Lawyers offers strategic tax and estate planning solutions to numerous clients, individuals and corporations alike, throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our experience ranges from individual income tax preparation to transactional tax planning.

Tax Dispute Lawyers

The law surrounding tax crimes is extremely complicated, and even seasoned criminal defense lawyers find themselves in over their heads when counseling clients charged with a tax crime. Instead, those charged with tax crimes would be better served by an experienced criminal tax defense attorney. If you were charged with any of the following tax violations, the attorneys at HLF Lawyers will prove an invaluable legal resource:

  • Tax fraud

  • Tax evasion

In addition, we offer unparalleled legal counsel on IRS audits, Grand Jury investigations, and United States Tax Court litigation.

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