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The corporate ecosystem becomes more complex every day, as governmental regulations continue to expand and shift. As a result, corporations must anticipate and adequately react to interpretations of Federal, State, and Local statutes, regulations, and laws that may adversely affect both business and personal life. Often, governmental interpretations of law lead to criminal, civil, and administrative enforcement actions against businesses and their officers and directors.

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From investigation to trial and appeal, the guidance and legal representation of HLF Lawyers have proved indispensable to executives, public officials, and high-profile clients alike. We focus our white collar defense practice on the analysis and defense of allegations of wrongdoing in the increasingly complex world of corporate criminal cases. Additionally, we possess decades of experience representing business owners accused of civil fraud.

The recent financial crisis initiated a flood of governmental inquiries and litigation. The scrutiny has only increased over the past six years, and more and more white collar crimes are being prosecuted every day. We’ve represented numerous corporations and senior officials, leading corporate and company internal investigations, federal white collar jury trials and sentencing hearings, and criminal appeals. Long before the crisis, we were protecting the rights of business people in high- and low-profile fraud-related criminal proceedings.

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