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Prompt, effective legal guidance is absolutely essential when facing any tax controversy. Sometimes, a favorable pre-trial settlement can be reached. Occasionally, disputes may prove irresolvable and litigation becomes necessary. But in any situation, a tax controversy is a highly complex legal matter.

Tax Controversy & Litigation Lawyers

Tax controversies are notorious for calling numerous intricate legal processes into play. Administrative audits, appeals, post-appeals, mediation, and litigation, all fall under the purview of an experienced tax controversy litigation team. Our reputation for creative, effective resolutions of federal and state tax controversies is unparalleled. The team at HLF Lawyers combines a wealth of knowledge in IRS procedure and practice with outstanding in-house litigation resources. These experiences lend us indispensable insights into the governments’ and courts’ perspective on tax disputes.

Experienced Civil And Criminal Tax Litigation

Highly specialized areas of legal knowledge including, corporate finance and regulatory accounting often come into play during cases involving tax disputes and controversies. Our team’s extensive knowledge of state and federal tax regulation, and experience in related legal fields, allows us to offer targeted legal guidance for the case at hand.

The attorneys at HLF Lawyers are highly sensitive to the cost of litigation. We intervene early in the tax controversy process, identifying key factors critical to a successful resolution. Maintaining focus on those key elements, we also search for alternative methods of resolution. From individual tax liability and collection disputes to large-scale corporate deficiency and refund litigation, we’ve handled it all with incisive legal counsel and exceptional results.

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