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Contracts are the cornerstone of every well-run business, formalizing agreements between interested parties, and ensuring that a business owner’s interests are satisfied. Without the guidance of an experienced contract attorney, many business owners fail to properly negotiate and draft the terms of their contracts. An improperly written, or unclear, contract can lead to serious problems for the owners and stakeholders in any enterprise.

Contract Negotiation/Drafting

The Attorneys at HLF have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts in a diverse area of businesses and industries.

Contract Enforcement / Litigation Lawyers

But even when the parties involved agree to the contract and sign it in good faith, problems can arise. Contract disputes can occur for any number of reasons, including a difference in the contract’s interpretation or if a party fails to uphold their obligations as made explicit in the contract.

In the event of a breach of contract, litigation may be necessary to enforce the terms stated in a contract. Our breach of contract and contract dispute practice focuses on the interests of business owners. Our services include:

  • Contract terms negotiation

  • Contract drafting

  • Disagreements in contract interpretation

  • Employment contracts

  • Severance and non-compete agreements

  • Breach of sales or services

  • Fraud & misrepresentation

Contact Contract Formation & Dispute Lawyers

HLF Lawyers understands the crucial importance of contracts in your business’ success. Our experienced team of attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that your business goals are not just met, but exceeded. To schedule a consultation, call 856-793-9092 or fill out our contact form.

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