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New Jersey Law Journal: Kern Augustine Settles Suit with Robert Conroy’s Estate

A dispute that started with an attempt to terminate the health care benefits and compensation of noted New Jersey healthcare lawyer Robert Conroy continued following his death with a disagreement regarding life insurance benefits due his estate. The matter has finally been settled, according to reporter David Gialanella in the December 8, 2015 New Jersey Law Journal. Kern Augustine in a Dec. 7 release announced the settlement, which resolves a dispute between the Bridgewater-based firm and the estate of Conroy, who died July 25 at age 62 after a 15-month bout with nonalcoholic liver cirrhosis.

The Dec. 3 agreement was confirmed by the estate's counsel, John Hanamirian.

One aspect of the resolution was made clear: the proceeds of a $250,000 life insurance policy—to which the firm and the estate had competing claims—was paid to Conroy's widow, Mary Conroy, Hanamirian said.

Hanamirian said he's "obviously very happy for the resolution" of the case.

"It was my hope that in pursuing the matter on behalf of Bob, that it gave him some satisfaction during his life," Hanamirian added.