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Hanamirian Law Firm Represents Self-Proclaimed “Son of God”

Hanamirian Law Firm is representing a corporation and its owner, a self-proclaimed “Son of God”, in a suit in Ocean County Superior Court. “Karl”, also known as “Jesus: the Christ, an Irrevocable Trust by a Karl; House of Israel: the liuing soule, the house of prayer”.

The suit alleges that “Karl” made multiple attempts to forcibly interfere with and block the auction of a residential property based on the belief that he has the true right to the property as “all property is God’s land.”

The actions alleged are that Karl interfered with or blocked the sale, posting Notices of Default and Non-Statutory Writs of Trespass on the home and property, distributing a false judgment against the subject property, causing a disturbance and harassing bidders at the time of the property’s auction. Our client has also been charged criminally. The allegations also include that the corporate entity, which is 100% owned by the defendant, is also responsible for his wrongdoing. HLF has been retained to defend the corporate entity and was recently successful in the first step of isolating and protecting the corporate entity from any misconduct in this case.