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American Lawyer Proceeds to $13B Claim

Lawyer in Case of Tax Fraud Longer After Minister: Sometimes People Are Just Smarter Than You


 American lawyer in proceeds to 13 billion. Believes that his clients have just taken advantage of the Danish legislation.

In May, tax minister Karsten Lauritzen said that Skat has sent applications to the 270 pension funds that have been used to drain the government fund for NOK 12.7 billion in what is called the biggest history of Denmark's history. Now the lawyer answers again.


JUNE 13TH. 2018 AT 16.5 UPDATED JUNE 13TH. 2018 AT 17:57

The Danish politicians are aware that it has been possible for US pension funds to drain the treasury bill for several billion in the so-called income tax case, where the Danish state has been detained NOK 12.7 billion.

It believes an American lawyer is now in charge of the billion claim that Skat has raised against several of his clients.

"It's a politically driven process. It is clear that politicians are very disappointed with what has happened, but it's just not a fraud. Sometimes, just wise people are wiser than you, but what they do do not have to be a scam, says John Hanamirian to DR News.

Was terribly disgusted

It all became very sensational because you have a state that suddenly suits a large group of people who are not particularly wealthy.


He therefore agrees with tax minister Karsten Lauritzen (V) who explained on 23 May why Skat has initiated a targeted offensive against several hundred US pension funds.

"I continue to be terribly upset that organized criminals could succeed in cheating the Danish state for as much a billion. The Danes have a completely legitimate expectation that the authorities are fighting with beaks and claws to recover so many of the stolen money, said Karsten Lauritzen.

John Hanamirian is a lawyer for 58 of the 277 US pension funds who have been confronted with a total claim to pay up 13 billion dollars to Skat in Denmark.

And he refuses to acknowledge that his clients should be criminal.

- My clients have not made the structure. But I think that those who made the model are very intelligent people because they have understood that there has been a gap in the Danish legislation they have used. And that is why the authorities now say that it's fraud. This is just not always when there is any wiser than you, says John Hanamirian.

Minister not surprised

In a written response to DR News, the Minister of Tax Affairs comments on the criticism of Attorney John Hanamirian:

"It is not a big surprise for me that a defense attorney defends his clients, and US defense lawyers have the reputation to do so by all means. However, the cases shall not be settled in the press but by the courts.

"And the tax authorities have not competed with these companies and pension plans for no reason. This has been done because, in consultation with the Attorney General and a number of foreign lawyers, it is considered that there are good grounds for testing the cases.

He emphasizes that 'the overriding purpose' of the application is to bring so many of the return funds back into the treasury.

"One of the ways to reach that goal is the civil law litigation," says Karsten Lauritzen.

The $ 12.7 billion has been paid to the US pension funds after they have submitted a claim for tax to be reimbursed for a tax on income that they believed to benefit in Denmark.

According to Hanamirian, his clients have never been part of the large amount. They have just bought an investment product that was particularly suitable for the special one-man-owned US pension funds.

He also states that his clients have been very shocked by the great demand that has been raised against them.

- I can not see that there are any individuals who have received the money. It has been an investment structure and a trading activity that led the money through the pension funds.

"It's all been very sensational because you have a state that suddenly suits a large group of people who are not particularly wealthy and at the same time accuse them of being fraudsters. They are really hard to understand and I do not think it's okay to get things done, says John Hanamirian.

A well-known tax lawyer must conduct cases

According to DR News, the owners of the US pension funds have also hired a law firm in Luxembourg to respond to the claims that Tax has raised against them.

To bring the case on Danish grounds, the pension funds have hired the well-known lawyer Torben Bagge from the law firm TVC. This confirms Torben Bagge to DR News, but he has no further comments on the case.

The article is updated with the comment of tax minister Karsten Lauritzen.